I’ve found that with most albums, the best tracks seem to be at the beginning, with the odd diamond in the rough popping up in the middle or towards the end, and Permanent Vacation by Lime Cordiale is no exception the rule.

They kick off the album with a catchy half-time feel tune with Naturally, giving the listener a solid vibe of what is to come. You can tell they’ve thought more about production from the get-go of the album, with many more layers built into their songs, giving it a fuller sound.

The next track is single Temper Temper, which has some super catchy relatable lyrics. It’s the first taste of one of the rare, more dancey tunes from the album. Definitely the highlight for me. Every time the chorus kicks in I just want to dance around with my puppies on my bed in my PJs.

I find myself floating through the middle parts of the album, nothing really drawing me in. I can tell they’re great songs with a lot of thought put into the production, but I can’t help drifting off and finding it a bit boring.

Walk Over Everything I Do is a great ballad of a tune with relatable break-up/love song lyrics. I’m a sucker for a good ballad, and as much as the lyrics of this song and as a chorus are superb, I feel that the song could’ve had more of a climax.

Permanent Vacation then ends on Reprise – a cute little horn section feature – giving these excellent musicians the recognition they deserve, followed by Top Of My List, which personally had the potential to be a beautiful song, but is broken up with comedic voice-overs, horn lines, and off notes, which makes it lose all of its beauty. That being said, maybe I’m missing something in the lyrics and it makes more sense with a film clip or a back-story. After all, tongue-in-cheek has always been one of their hallmarks.

After a few listens, the more memorable tracks are the catchy up-beat dance tunes that Lime Cordiale have always done really well. There were some nice chilled out moments, with a highlights of mine being Risky Love and Walk Over Everything I Do. I think the guys have tried to build an album full of difference and tried things they haven’t necessarily done before with the slower chilled tunes, but I don’t feel as though they’ve nailed it.

These are definitely still great songs, but as an album as a whole, there’s a bit too much slow for such an up-beat, fantastically fun live act. I feel like I’d rather watch them sitting down in the daytime in a park with a picnic instead of going out and catching them in a bar where they do play.

Hopefully, they can take this debut to the next level in their live show.


Released: 13 October, 2017 via Chugg Music