If you’re into Australian indie-pop/rock, you’re bound to have heard of Brisbane band The Jungle Giants. They first entered the scene back in 2011 and have since released two EPs (The Jungle Giants in 2011 and She’s A Riot in 2012) and two studio albums (2013’s Learn To Exist and Speakerzoid in 2015). Now they’re back with their latest offering, Quiet Ferocity, due out 7 July via Amplifire Music.

Quiet Ferocity is a brilliant reflection of everything the band have released so far, but most of all, it showcases their evolution. Through combining elements of their earlier releases, the four-piece have really started to carve out their sound, with lead vocalist, guitarist and writer Sam Hales producing some of his best work to date with the help of band mates, Cesira Aitken, Andrew Dooris and Keelan Bijker.

Opening tracks and lead singles off record On Your Way Down and Feel The Way I Do give the album a bold and familiar opening. They’ve got the infectious energy and groove that we’ve come to expect from the band, as well as highlighting the band’s ability to cleverly balance indie-rock guitars with Hales’ great vocal range.

Many of the tracks on the record, Feel The Way I Do in particular, are pulled together by a fantastic booming bass line and quirky, screeching synths. The bass in particular is something to keep an ear out for when giving the record a listen! This track also has, in my opinion, the most brilliantly crafted and well-placed bridge of the entire record.

If you were a fan of their most recent album Speakerzoid, then the title track Quiet Ferocity is likely to be a favourite. With quirky lyrics and delivery from Hales, the five-and-a-half-minute jam has a roaring chorus: “When we get together, I forget the time.”

This whole record is centred around vibe through sound. It’s full of inventive vocal percussion, championed in Quiet Ferocity especially, and is the product of the band’s fearlessness to try new and fresh things when producing, which they did themselves. They’ve definitely taken advantage of the freedom self-producing brings in creating a wholesome and well-rounded, innovative record.

Lyrically, Hales explores the peaks and falls of being in love, especially young, new and naïve love. Blinded is a prime example of this, pairing the feeling of falling in love: “I can’t look away night and day / I’m still blinded by your love,” with a melodic composition that reminds you of that exact feeling.

Tracks Used To Be In Love, Time & Time Again and Waiting For A Sign are all bound to be favourites, each containing uber-cool grooves, hard-hitting hooks and singalong lyrics that are the essence of The Jungle Giant’s sound.

Finishing incredibly strong, People Always Say closes out the record in great form. The track consists of simple clever lyrics including “I guess it’s how it goes when the love is slow”, another reminder of how Sam’s writing continues to develop and perfectly capture the complex emotions of love and heartbreak in such a simple and relatable way.

A fresh, inventive and a brilliant third LP from the Brisbane band, proving that they really are taking on the scene with quiet ferocity. This record is bound to be a hit with not only their long term fans, but is sure to gain the band some new followers just in time for their national tour this August!


The Jungle Giants – Quiet Ferocity 

Released: 7 July, 2017 via Amplifire Music