With his deep, beautiful voice and wistful tone, Newcastle songwriter Brightness had been busy writing and recording his debut album Teething in England before returning home to Australia. Alex Knight was given the title of Independent Artist Of The Week by FBi radio, and as I start to settle down and sink my teeth into the record, I can see how he has received this recognition.

Knight seems to bring out a sense of nostalgia, hope and bitterness throughout the nine-track album. The indie-pop artists makes you want to drift off into a soft, summer daydream and hit the repeat button to listen to the crisp melodies over and over again.

Oblivion which has made soundwaves already, is the first track off Teething and boy is it an opener. The song consists of tender guitar and drums with an upbeat feel. Knight described Oblivion to The Fader as “witnessing somebody mentally unravel and being unable to help them.” As you listen to the song deeply, you can get a glimpse of this message and watch it unfold through his music video for the track.

Knight takes a softer approach with Surrender; chilled vibes throughout the vocals and a hint of tambourine in the background. I’m not going to lie, I have added this beauty to my playlist. It’s the kind of song that you listen to while rugged up inside and watching the rain drizzle on your windowpane. There’s definitely a similarity to Ballpark Music’s track Blushing.

When I chatted to Knight for LunchBox before reviewing the album, he told me that “Relationships, dreams and frustrations” is what inspired him during the writing process. Rest assured, in Talk To Me, you get the indication that it may be about a certain relationship that Knight has been in, or relationships in general. It’s about being inexperienced, as one of the lyrics in the beginning goes “I spy a rookie eye?” and throughout it follows on with, “It’s all right if you’re not sure how to do it / You’re in perfect company.Talk To Me brings out the devotion and sensitive side of Knight surrounding both lyricism as well as feel in the song.

Silver Birch is the little gem of Teething. With strong beats from the drums and rocky guitar slams, this song also brings flavour and passion to the record.

The cacophony bedroom sessions in London have made it all worthwhile; Brightness has brought life and wonder into his music.


Brightness – Teething

Released: 30 June, 2017 via I OH YOU