Released last Friday, Still You Sharpen Your Teeth is the debut EP from Melbourne singer-songwriter Alexander Biggs – an intriguing introduction to his sophisticated and emotionally-driven brand of folk-pop.

The EP is incredibly cohesive and seamless, both in its themes and musicality, something that artists often struggle to achieve with debut bodies of work.

Tracks like Gone Again show Alexander’s ability to brilliantly balance layers of sounds in a way we haven’t heard from him before, whilst lead single Figure It Out cleverly replicates the positivity and hope of its lyrics, in its melody and atmosphere.

Every song feels like a hug from a loved one, rocking and comforting you with the movement of gliding vocals and gentle guitar line, and the whole EP sounds nostalgic but still incredibly fresh and unique.

From the heartbreaking experience of leaving someone, facing challenges, trying to move on from painful places, and even quitting your job to move somewhere better and more inspiring, Alexander has proved his skill of telling stories and memories in a delicate and evocative way.

The combination of these stories, his emotion-filled vocals and considered crafted melodies, Alexander has produced a magnificent debut EP that is sure to gain him some more attention as one of the most talented rising singer songwriters in Australia.


Released: 15 September, 2017 via Sony