Multi-talented electronic singer-songwriter and producer, AIRPORTS, AKA Aaron Lee, has unveiled his wavy new 2000’s R&B-inspired party jam, Single Together – proudly premiered on LunchBox.

This catchy track comes following the release of AIRPORTS’ previous singles, Limbo and Speak My Mind, along with a whirlwind 12 months that has seen him perform at Festival One in New Zealand, produce tracks for the likes of Sammi Constantine, Holly Alison, Savilian and various major artists.

AIRPORTS has gone on to perform alongside nationally-recognised artists such as Allday, Cosmo’s Midnight, Thundamentals and Kuren, whilst also performing at sold-out festivals and even landing a single deal in Japan.

AIRPORTS said he was thrilled to get Single Together out there to showcase his development.

“I haven’t put new music out there for a while and I’ve found that I’m starting to find my sound a lot more, so I’m really excited to get it out there,” Lee said.

Single Together is a soundtrack for a night out and features an up-tempo party jam inspired by 2000s R&B. Co-produced by Hamley (Allday, Illy, Drapht,) the single showcases a Drake meets Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It vibe filled with memorable hooks, throwback sampling and feel-good chords.

“I like to provoke feelings of nostalgia, so Single Together has a very 2000s R&B vibe. I love Gettin’ Jiggy With It by Will Smith. I love something that takes somebody to another time or another place,” he explains.

“I just came up with some funny lines one day and it all evolved out of funny phrases such as ‘Don’t get your panties in a tangle,’ which means ‘Don’t worry about it.’ It’s about wanting to spend time with someone and taking someone out of town to romance them, but telling them ‘Don’t worry about putting titles on it.’

“If you’re worried about being in love, for now, we can just be single together.’”

AIRPORTS said Hamley was the perfect fit to co-produce the track and described the creative process between the two of them as a very organic one.

“I usually produce most of my own music myself… I asked him, ‘Dude, can you play a beat that you haven’t wanted to show me?’ and he played this and it was that opening synth line that I’d been looking for and then we changed the beat and reproduced it.

“Hamley had the flavour at the time. He had the right song at the right time that I was looking for. Music comes together very serendipitously. I was after a certain sound and feeling and he happened to have a beat that met in the middle and we carved it out from there and I didn’t plan that.”

Behind his extensive creative schedule and view from the public eye, AIRPORTS has simultaneously faced the challenges of not one but two life-threatening illnesses. Neither of which has been able to slow down the rising artist who said he didn’t get this far in the music industry to stop going.

At the age of 14, he was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia, a blood disease, and spent a lot of time in the hospital but said this gave him the mental space to dive deeper into his passion for creating music.

A few years later, he was then diagnosed with an ultra-rare blood disorder, Paramoxsysmal Nocturnal Heamaglobinuria (PNH).

“Thankfully, due to the Australian government’s great healthcare system, the 100 or so of us known PNH patients have had access to ongoing treatment, so I live healthy and normally.

“In the past, there were some challenges with travelling and treatment, but all is well now. I believe these battles, like all battles, build a greater resilience and helps push us forward with achieving our dreams.”

While AIRPORTS has previously released more meaningful music, he said Single Together’s intention was to be a fun, upbeat song to lift people’s spirits.

“I hope people just want to dance to it. It’s just a fun song. I didn’t intend it to be anything serious. I’ve created a lot of other music that has been deeper, but Single Together is just an excuse to have fun. It’s that pre-drinks, going out to party kinda vibe.

Single Together is guaranteed not to be the end for AIRPORTS who said he planned to head back into the studio shortly to work on his next single. A music video for the track is also in the works.

An avid voice for personal development and ambassador for the mental health organisation Listen Up Music, AIRPORTS has his eyes set on influencing listeners while travelling the world and isn’t afraid to take a non-conventional approach.

“Music is such a great connection, especially in the mental health arena, because music and art has the ability to touch people in a way that most relationships can’t. I aim to help people feel understood, whether that’s feeling like they’re not good enough or feeling like they can’t get control of how they’re feeling or their emotions, because I’ve been through a lot of those situations.

“I know that music can reach people in a way that nothing else on the planet can. I hope that I get to do my part well by helping people feel understood, feel a bit of joy and know that they can always have a conversation with people out there who want to help them through their struggles.”