Brynn Davies

Executive Producer & Presenter

Brynn – often referred to by Starbucks as Bryan, Brian, Lynne and, on one occasion, Bob – devised the idea for LunchBox TV over a bottle of Chateau de Cardboard (see: goon) while watching re-runs of Countdown. She is an entrepreneur, music journalist, presenter and moshpit enthusiast. She lives by her extensive catalogue of Aussie music and a fast-developing addiction to triple shot cappuccinos.

Scotty Wilcox

Director, Editor & Graphic Designer

With more years in moving picture creation than gym visits, Scotty is a professional TV director and hobbyist musician. Years of mouse pushing and experimenting with animation have contributed to a healthy understanding of all things regarding the moving image and the impact of computer screens on the iris. Self proclaimed meat pie and hamburger judge.

Paul Najar

Audio Engineer, Mixing & Mastering

Paul is a cyberpunk at heart with a long history in all facets of music performance, recording, composing, engineering and production. He’s also the owner of Jaminajar Music Production – the studios where Lunchbox TV is currently shot and recorded. Other obsessions include smiling while showered with raw vegetables, avoiding injury while surfing and skiing and mastering the the art of the double shot espresso.

Brandon Lucas

Videographer & Assistant Editor

Brandon ‘The Honey Badger’ Lucas juggles cameras in the studio and cuts up mountains of analogue tape ready for splicing. He is allergic to lens flairs, a sucker for fancy colour grading and can’t eat chocolate because of his life-long tooth sensitivity. His favourite topics of conversation are film theory and obscure anime series.

Rob Birchall


A self-professed body art addict, Rob works his magic behind the camera when he’s not throwing sandwiches at the talent. He was once pee’d on by a crazy lady on a train, and lived to tell the tale at bars and family gatherings. You can find him during the first three songs of any gig shooting the bands and avoiding rogue sweat droplets.

Alex Gastrell

Assistant Engineer

Working as an assistant soundie and all ’round minion, Alex is an audio geek (and proud of it, thank you) that you’ll find stocking up on the spare energy drinks out the back or asking studio owner Paul if he can pretty please use his analogue gear. He’s often #spotted in the back room schmoozing with the artists in hope they will give him a job recording their next project.


Jaminajar is the home of LunchBox TV’s web series, owned by renowned music producer, musician, composer, engineer and educator, Paul Najar.

Located 30 minutes north of the Sydney CBD, perched high on the hill with ocean and lake views to the north and east and a short walk to the sands of Narrabeen Beach, it is one of the finest music production facilities and recording studios in Sydney.

We are proud to be in partnership with such a prolific engineer and studio.